The pass box/cabinet with the sterilization function of hydrogen peroxide gasification is usually used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for the transfer of products and equipment between different clean rooms of biological products and vaccine manufacturers to avoid secondary pollution. From the lower-level room, the articles are first placed into the gasification hydrogen peroxide transfer cabinet, and the hydrogen peroxide is used to remove biological pollution on the surface of the object. Then, the air flow perpendicular to the horizontal clean laminar flow (LAF) and HEPA are used to capture the dust particles (Particle), and then the cleaned articles are introduced into the clean area (such as Class B area). This can effectively reduce the pollution risk between rooms with different clean levels and improve the quality of products

汽化过氧化氢(GHPGAS Hydrogen Peroxide)具有广谱的灭杀微生物性能,对于真菌、霉菌、病毒、革兰氏菌、特别是对于厌氧的芽孢杆菌有很好的灭菌效果。气化过氧化氢在降解后,会分解成氧气和水,对于人员及环境均无害。此外,采用气化过氧化氢灭菌,工艺时间短,对材料相容性好,容易验证,相对于传统的使用甲醛,臭氧等,是较好的消毒、灭菌介质选择。

VHP (GAS Hydrogen Peroxide) has a broad spectrum of bactericidal properties, and has an excellent sterilizing effect on fungi, molds, viruses, gramella and especially anaerobic bacillus. After degradation, hydrogen peroxide will decompose into oxygen and water, which is harmless to people and the environment. In addition, the use of gasification hydrogen peroxide sterilization, short process time, good material compatibility, easy to verify, compared with the traditional use of formaldehyde, ozone, etc., is a better choice of disinfection and sterilization medium

Winhone VHP传递窗采用不锈钢材质一体化满焊成型,内腔体采用SUS316L材质,外箱体及附件采用SUS304材质,卫生级标准管路连接。设备内置干式VHP发生器,集成PLC控制确保腔体内VHP浓度,设备同时配置双门充气密闭舱门及循环自净化功能。

The Winhone VHP transfer window is made of stainless steel integrated full welding molding, the inner cavity is made of SUS316L, the outer box and accessories are made of SUS304, and the sanitary standard pipeline is connected. The equipment has built-in dry VHP generator, integrated PLC control to ensure the VHP concentration in the cavity, and the equipment is equipped with double inflatable closed hatch door and circulation self-purification function.