Corporate culture

Integrity Service - Creating Brilliance Together

Integrity is the unchanging motto of Jiangsu Chaojing. For many years, Chaojingren has taken integrity as its code of conduct, and has won the recognition and praise of a large number of customers with a highly responsible attitude towards customers and a strict commitment style.

Corporate philosophy: Success lies in harmony, strength lies in innovation, and prosperity lies in striving

Corporate style: Strict, meticulous, realistic, progressive, and efficient

Corporate Spirit: Service Innovation, Professional Win Win

Corporate mission: Creating wealth, serving society, and benefiting employees

Corporate ethical philosophy: integrity, mutual benefit, righteousness, and symbiosis

Enterprise management philosophy: serious, rigorous, pragmatic, and efficient

Business philosophy: integrity-based

Enterprise competition philosophy: internal competition quality, external competition for win-win situation

Enterprise service philosophy: Heart to heart service

Create wealth, serve customers, repay society, and benefit employees.