Talent concept

入超净  共创辉煌
 A first-class talent is the foundation for building a first-class enterprise.

Jiangsu Chaojing always regards talent as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition, and development for enterprise development, adhering to a good culture of respect for people, work, fair competition, knowledge, and talent.

The company has become a highland for talent gathering with its unique talent strategy, broad career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism, and people-oriented corporate culture concept.

Talent philosophy - combining morality and talent, putting morality first
      Talents are the most precious wealth of Jiangsu's ultra clean industry, and the correct and reasonable use of talents has achieved the cause of Jiangsu's ultra clean industry. The company attracts people with generous treatment, moves talents with sincere emotions, cultivates talents with a broad career, and delights talents with a beautiful environment.

We respect, care for, and develop our employees, and are committed to providing them with a stage to showcase and develop themselves. Every employee should regard themselves as the owner of the enterprise and have the courage to take responsibility for the development of the enterprise.

We advocate rational competition, orderly running, and creating an efficient, collaborative, and joyful workplace atmosphere.

Excellent talents must have both virtue and talent, and prioritize virtue! Unusual use with virtue and talent, cultivate and use with virtue but without talent, and never use with talent but without virtue.

For talents who possess both moral integrity and talent, work is not only a means of making a living, but more importantly, a platform to showcase their own value.

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